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There Is No Cure - CD 2011
Side Line Mag
Brutal Resonance
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Reflections of Darkness
Blackvector (Sweden)
Kolja Trelle aka SOMAN
Magnus Kalnins aka COLONY 5
Vasi Vallis aka Frozen Plasma, Reaper & NamNamBulu

DSM - CD 2010
Blackvector (Sweden)
Reflections of Darkness( Germany)
Lifer (Belgium)
Brutal Resonance (Sweden)
Darkwave (Romania)
Asphyxia Toxic E-Zine
Side-Line Music Magazine
Radio Dunkle Welle (Germany)
Dark Vision of Electronic
Neuwelt Music

Blackvector (Sweden)
Neuwelt Music



There Is No Cure

Reflections of Darkness
With their third full-length album, AD INFERNA prove that they still can surprise. I don’t want to say that this work drastically differs from the previous ones but along with the specific mark of the band it also contains something new. How interesting it is, everyone will decide for themselves. The opening piece produces a favourable impression and of course gives a reason to expect a pleasant listening experience in what follows. Actually the first complete song doesn’t shine with a great arrangement but surpasses the intro in power and emotionality. ‘Seventh Heaven’ tries to compensate the tiny shortcoming of its predecessor: the composition is supplemented or decorated with harmonious inserts. At the same time there still preserves the constant pushing rhythm making the track absolutely danceable. All of this can be true in relation to the others songs as well.

During the very first listening it’s almost impossible to fully understand the lyrics however it’s obvious that the words are as usual in English and French. The vocals didn’t change and on the album we find the well-known expressive speech which seems to hasten the tempo of the tracks even more. In ‘French Kiss of Death’ and ‘Stigma’ the female vocals appear bringing in some notes of pathos. Thus the new creation of AD INFERNA features nine songs that pass quite smoothly so some may decide to listen to them once more. Obviously such music is meant for dance floors and for the fans of the style yet it’s not necessary to be a fan to let this music play in the background. .


Brutal Resonance
France’s finest, Ad Inferna, is back with their new album ‘There is No Cure’, a hard hitting piece of harsh EBM. The album is released on Nilaihah Records and is their fourth album in just two years. While it shows no lack of dedication to their art, it’s also an alarm bell with the risks of releasing everything you got as soon as you have it finished, though I must admit I find very little of such in this creation. The vocals are well varied between distorted and undistorted, as well as female and male vocals. In the Harsh scene, the common thing is to use the same effects with the same way of singing throughout the album, so this comes as fresh as a spring wind. I would suggest some work with the undistorted male vocals since they tend to fall a bit flat.

During the run time of this album you get the feeling that you are being teased, teased with great tracks like “Seventh Heaven” (without connection to the American Christian drama series), “French Kiss of Death” and “Sex Spell”. Luckily you’ll not be left undone, since it all comes to a screaming climax in the eight track “Resurrection”. Pure Harsh perfection. A perfect melody, a perfect beat and a perfect chorus. All I need (still, not so easy to accomplish) to fall in love with a track.

Since the Ad Inferna’s earlier releases have fallen into the hands of other reviewers, this is my first real taste of what they offer; bringing me to understanding of the high ratings the band has got in our review history. Vive Ad Inferna!

Rated by: Patrik Lindström
Rating: 8/10
22 Aug 2011 .


Less than a year after their 2010 “DSM” album release, AD INFERNA are back with their new album, “There Is no Cure”, scheduled to be released with Nilaihah Records on April-26 this year. “There Is no Cure” features Kari Berg (formerly of Ashbury Heights) and Zombie Girl. The album was mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper) with the remixes being mastered by Sebastian Komor (Komor Kommando, Icon of Coil).

The 9-track album will be accompanied by numerous remixes for the tracks “Resurrection” and “Sex Spell”, performed by Reaper, Alien Vampire, Acylum, Chaos All Stars, Inline Sex Terror, End the DJ, Terrolokaust, Erotic Elk, and Electrovolt.

This delicate and dark electro album features a wonderful introduction under the form of its initial track, “The Presence”. Eerie music coupled with arcane lyrics in Latin and English, form an initial, ancient imprecation. While it is no mystery regarding what this “Presence”, since this is one of the millennium-old names of God, it is unclear whether the imprecation is thought as a summoning of the divine presence or a recount of the way God deserted men, since the Latin verse whites out the “ascendit ad caelos” of the Creed with “descendit ad inferna” (“ascend to Heavens” vs. “descend to Hell”). The sense of obliterated humanity is further enlarged on by the second track of the album, “Angelik”, which dwells significantly on the destitute state of mankind, and on the absence of spiritual enlightenment. Harsh English verse is softened by French interlude, in what seems to be an invitation to listen to the voices of infernal creatures, to whom the ears of the living have been sealed shut.

“Seventh Heaven” reverses the infernal perspective to one of redeemed humanity, however entangled, in an ideal of a celestial plenitude. In a push/pull motion of life and death, beautifully rendered in music and verse, the distance between the clarity of Heaven and the mirage of Hell is measured in human misery, to which people have to submit relentlessly. “Under My Skin”, an energetic and complex track, spurs the album to new velocity and rhythm, that make it a potential dancefloor favorite for 2011, for its urgency and feeling of running through the numberless, scorching doors of Hell on one’s way out to the world.

The ensuing “The French Kiss of Death” illustrates the same pandemonium of a world deserted by its creator and left to its own devices to oscillate permanently between beliefs of a better or worse afterlife. Since humans are the only creatures to invest spiritually in the end of their lifecycle, the image of death as a sensuous last kiss that plunges one into eternal sleep strikes as a style feature that combines alluringly with the female vocals and the hard, pulsating instrument of this track. Though pertaining to the religious realm of hagiography, “Stigma” is rendered in AD INFERNA’s vision in the homonymous track as a subtle interplay between unholy temptations and possession and the quest of purity that stigmata usually evince in the believer. An immense, communal and tormented soul in quest of redemption or even holiness through suffering, humanity seeks privilege in its scars and takes comfort in the thought of spiritual accession through suffering; a thought that roughly illustrates the history of all saints of all religions.

The non-denominational belief of a decayed humanity is permanent with the next track, as well. “Sex Spell”, which conveys via numerous invectives the belief in disease, slime, injustice, inhumanity, torture, anger and hate – with pain as a common denominator, in a never-ending struggle of man to transcend this. Coupling sex and death as similar instinctual ways of bodies to simulate souls, the track, which adds to the album edit numerous remix renditions, is a profound, and at the same time, why not, arousing depiction of what human pettiness can do in order to claim even momentarily spiritual superiority.

The uniform religious vocabulary of the album ensues with a spiriting “Resurrection”. While resurrection plays a major role in people’s understanding of Christianity, AD INFERNA’s “Resurrection” stays true to the title of the album, leaving nothing equivocal: today’s resurrections and sacrifices of all sorts are futile and in the end, “There Is no Cure”. The rich imagery of the track, as well as its very versatile sound are two main reasons why the track was selected by AD INFERNA to be remixed in their late 2010/early 2011 competition. “The One”, a previously unannounced track of the album plays with the same persisting feeling of post-apocalyptical world, where human essence meets its rightful penance and reward. A very potent melody, “The One” wraps up the album in a very artistic manner. If the initial “Presence” dwelled on the all-being of God, “The One” plays in a similar lore with the divinity’s uniqueness, so as to run full-circle around human existence as dictated by God.

A very spiritual and enlightening material, “There Is no Cure” evinces numerous genius tracks and creates a very pertinent, and appealing imagery in a universe of dichotomies and core antagonisms. Following the ideal scenario of a very solid composition to back up a very grave and rich world of creation and destruction, “There Is No Cure” stands out as a very mature album, and one VIVA MUSIC highly recommends to dark electro music aficionados. .


It’s just a little over eight months since last release from Ad Inferna, with their release of the album “DSM” last year. The duo are already back with a new album in “There Is No Cure”.

With two studio albums in just as many years, excluding the remix album “Heroine” from last year, Ad Inferna are up to hit with yet another one in 2011. So far every release have a different style, from the Trance influenced sound on “Trance N Dance” to more club oriented EBM on “DSM”. A thing that’s not gonna change with “There Is No Cure”. The new album reveal a much darker sound from the band which incorporates their roots but also takes a step into the future.

Once again the band mix English with French lyrics, while the spooky sound is a new thing. Powerful beats and clever soundscapes with an intriguish atmosphere. The additional piano elements and and background choir bring the music to completely different level compared to earlier albums. Something you will definately hear in the track “Seventh Heaven”, which present these compositions in a great way. The normal voice is mixed with a darker, heavily distorted one. Even if the music reveal a much darker attitude, you will still get the addictive and catchy synths that you got on “DSM”. It’s fast-paced with lots of energy.

The album also features two collaborations. First one is with former Ashbury Heigts singer Kari Berg on “French Kiss Of Death” were she contributes with her very powerful voice for the chorus. Even the other collaboration with Zombie Girl is a good composition but I don’t think it comes up to the same high point as the first one. The very energetic track “Resurrection” has it all. A great melodic touch, it’s fast, catchy and if you’re not up and let your body loose to this I’m not sure what will.

“The One” ends the album in a very great way. It can be seen as some sort of outro with a slow beginning that reveal a great atmosphere. But as the seconds and minutes pass by, a distinct beat enters with vocals almost whispering in the background.

Too bad the album is so short, but I really think the band have managed to keep the tempo up here, and every song is like a red thread through the entire 40 minutes. Their best work to date? Yes, without a doubt!

Kolja Trelle aka SOMAN
Ad Inferna have reached the next level, bringing their typical sound to perfection - and mixer Vasi Vallis has done a very good job!


Magnus Kalnins aka COLONY 5
It's an extremely interesting album, one of the most entertaining I've heard for a long time. It's rare for songs to work as well in headphones as well as on the dancefloor in a club but these absolutely does. this album must be successful.


Vasi Vallis aka Frozen Plasma, Reaper & NamNamBulu
Influenced by themselves, their life, their experiences, their hopes, they don’t even try to copy other bands but created their own, unique sound. This is very rare to find those days, as the copy & paste generation has entered the music market. Ad Inferna´s tracks have this special mix of feelings. Harsh/Emotional, Violent/Peaceful, Scary/Hopeful.

I had the pleasure to prelisten to “There Is No Cure” and I have to say, that this album was an inspiring experience in many ways for me. More powerful than DSM, more angry than DSM, very club oriented but still very emotional in its own way. I don’t know where the guys take their ideas from but their source of creativity seems to be unfailing.Unique!



Ad Inferna continues their musical evolution with their new, 100% electronic album DSM, co-produced and mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper, NamNamBulu). The nine tracks are an electronic psychoanalysis. DSM is cutting, killer and addicting, and the ultimate tool essential for any DJ. An album that takes elements from Electro, Industrial and Gothic and features stunning vocals in both English and French.

Review: 9/10 (Blackvector Magazine) Less then a year from their last studio album “Trance N Dance” and the remix collection, which was out in May, Ad Inferna unleash their third studio album under the wings of newly signed label Nilaihah Records. The album is said to be 100% electronic compared to “Trance N Dance” which included the addition of heavy guitar riffs.

The album opens with the intro “Prémices” to the tunes of only a piano and a beautiful and harmonic background atmopshere before V.V. Arkames enters with a talking voice, but since it is in French I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. The second track “Omniscience” offers a powerful and strong bass structure to heavy electronic soundscapes and the feeling that you wanna move definately sets in. The following track “Der Ball der Verdammten” is not gonna change that. The opening female voice, however just for a few seconds, reminds me of a song from the great video game Metal Gear Solid 4. The track is another fast-paced electronic piece and the including samples fill out the song in a great way.

“DSM” is the next chapter and continues on the same path as with the remix collection. With this album, Ad Inferna takes the next step within the electronic music scene and songs like “Crimy Body”, “The Other Side Of Me” or even the beautiful slow piece “Coma (La Fin des Rêves)” should also not be missed. Pushing electronic beats with dark and romantic soundscapes makes it very enjoyable. As a bonus, the album includes remixes from Cellmod, Suicidal Romance and Distatix. ----Björn A. of

Reflections of Darkness
French formation AD INFERNA pleases the fans again with a brand new and this time completely electronic album entitled ‘DSM’ which seems to be raising the band to a higher level of musical development. The CD immediately wins one’s favour as it starts with an intriguing intro that contains some kind of introduction speech as well. But the attention is mostly attracted by its tranquil melody which only at the very end is supplemented with harsh electronic echoes and the music gradually flows into the next composition. Its beginning it’s quite peaceful but in almost no second it’s gaining power that is combined with softness and delicacy expressed by female vocals. The following track called ‘Der Ball der Verdammten’ is more vigorous and apparently aggressive and it’s even opens by a dialogue looking like a quarrel that further passes into the music.

So it may signify the end of the first part of the material and the beginning of the second that contains the other track which deserves a special attention and is called ‘Coma (La Fin des Rêves)’. The song is rather unusual for the album nevertheless really great and it carries a listener away to a dreamland where all those dreams find their end according to the title of the composition. The remixes presented on the CD are really good and in whole ‘DSM’ is quite successful and will definitely suit the taste of all lovers of qualitative electronic music. ----Nataly Night of Reflections of Darkness

Lifer: the Review Room
My discovery of this artist I remember well; initially looked up for Asphodel (Pin-Up Went Down) providing some of the guest vocals, and whilst I was initially listening to their earlier Blackened works this new release is something entirely different, and I don't just mean from their own back catalogue but from music in general. The best comparison I can give is that of Samsas Traum, perhaps with some Diapsiquir thrown in for good measure; a sort of Dark Industrial Trance, complete with gothic wails, enraged Frenchman, samples (notably from the show “Dexter” if my ears don't deceive me) and simple but strong electronic melodies that not only provide the main focus but much of the forboding atmosphere as well.

The entire piece flows into one another in a blur, lending a gradual transition from the start to the end and yielding an oddly progressive sense to the proceedings. The only real continual presence is the atmosphere itself – though the simple steady beat of the drum machine makes a notable appearance – morphing and contorting itself as it proceeds. It's unlikely to convert someone from their dislike towards the electronica genre but that does little to insult its experimental style and unique accomplishments, the lack of variety between the tracks compensated for by the inherent unconventional tone of the piece as a whole.

Make no mistake, this is entirely electronic in its construction, but apart from the strong enveloping darkness the style feels very much free-form; the heavy bass and kick from the drum machine wouldn't be far out of place in dubstep, the rhythmic movement-inducing melodies fit for a devilish night of trance, and yet its still able to step back for the gentle ambient interludes. All traces of their Blackened origins have by now dissipated and we're left with the raw hypnotic melodies that have taken hold and are refusing to let go. It usually takes something special to draw my attention to this genre – much of it feels too repetitive for my liking – but this darkly seductive and romantic release has succeeded in casting its spell. Highlights: Der Ball der Verdammten, Second Half of the Sky, Celeste ---T. Bawden of Lifer

Brutal Resonance
Ad Inferna is a French electro/industrial artist which just released their new full length album 'DSM'. The last time we heard from the band was when the album 'Trance:N:Dance' was released sometime ago.

This time around the bands music has changed quite a bit and it features no guitars and a more electro and psytrance based sound. What you still get is the French vocals backed up with some female vocals in some tracks and a hard bass making your ears distorted.

The album offers ten tracks and three remixes. The tracks, having a red line going through them, offers some variation even thought you can hear a lot of similarities in the music. You got some nice club tracks with aggressive beats and fast melodies and then you got some more tuned down tracks which offers a bit more easy listening. I really like the production of this album and the vocals melt right into the music and fits very well both the distorted ones and the clean ones.

Some minor things is that I can recognize the baselines similarities in a few of the tracks like it's being repeated and that could be something they could have changed but its just some minor thing and then most of the tracks are in French so as I wrote and complained about in the last review I did of them I would like to see more tracks in English so that one could hear what the tracks are about.

This is a good album and it's a bit different from the usual electro/industrial acts out there. ----Fredrik Croona, Brutal Resonance

Although it's been less than a year since the release of 'Trance:N:Dance', AD INFERNA sharpen their tone, compared to the prior releases, and are ready to present you with a new material 'DSM' (Jul 27, 2010), which is co-produced and mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper, Nam­Nam­bulu). 'DSM'' is a full electro record, featuring 10 tracks plus 3 remixes from Cellmond, Suicidal Romance and Distatix.

This time AD INFERNA employ a much more industrial and aggressive musical edge, compared to their previous album, where the listener could find an electro-EBM vibe with metal influences, backed by guitars and female vocals. 4/4 beats, repetitive sequencer lines, clean vocals with reverb or echo effects are all elements that make up a typical industrial landscape. The female vocals, so far gothic metal type, are served this time in a much sexier mix.

The album sets off with a piano intro, "Premices", where V.V. Arkames keeps a petite French monologue about the multiple personality problems derived from hundreds and thousands of child abuse cases and their amazing psychological survival. "Omniscience" ensues: it is a soft composition meant to prepare you for an upcoming set of exciting songs.

AD INFERNA surprise you now with their newly shaped industrial feel on "Der Ball der Verdammten" ('The Prom of The Damned'), including stunning spoken arrangements, in both English and French, redolent of HOCICO. Coming up next, "The Second Half of the Sky", begins with a French whispered passage performed by female vox, which should not deceive us though, as the song extends with a repetitive bilingual mechanical recital, merged with obsessive beats. This piece of the album represents the climax of the record to which a series of extreme dancing and catchy songs follows: "The Other Side of Me", "Crime Body" and "Celeste".

"Dimension Zero", brings moment of peace and relaxation, but that only means you need to charge your batteries for what is coming next."Verklärte" (Transfigured) resumes a dynamic club atmosphere, while "Coma (La Fin des Rêves)" announces the denoue­ment of the album, just before 3 remixes are added to the landscape "Verklärte" (Cellmod RMX), "Crime Body (Suicidal Romance RMX)" and "Verklärte (Distatix RMX')."

To recap, the dynamic structure of the record makes 'DSM' a must for any electro-cyber party. AD INFERNA is well worth your time for its club-friendly songs and is sure to delight electro/metal/industrial fans.

Asphyxia Toxic E-Zine
“DSM” is the new work of the French band, Ad Inferna. One of the best albums of this year, every track’s voices and sounds really blow up your senses from the beginning to the end.

The melodious voices surround you deep into the paths of sensuality and euphoria that characterizes to Ad Inferna. It’s time to experience the pleasure to transport into its dimensions.

Side-Line Music Magazine
This French combo has already been active for a couple of years now, but their first real significant release was the EP "Trance 'N Dance" released in 2009. Now getting signed to Nilaihah Records the band made a considerable step forward. Ad Inferna is definitely worthy of examination for being 'different' than the usual stereotypes in the dark electro genre. They like to use and sing in their Mother tongue (French), which is not common in the genre. It's a good way to built up their own identity and that's what a lot of bands are missing. The French language isn't (of course) not enough to convince an audience! The music might sound a bit more 'typical' since it's based upon strong melody lines. A few more and essential elements like beating rhythmic and enraged vocals are also achieved in the production. With songs like "Omniscience" and "Der Ball Der Verdammten" Ad Inferna reveals an interesting progression in sound. Some of the lyrics perfectly fit to the dark texture of themusic . "The Other Side Of Me" is an indicating piece in the genre. A few songs like "Crime Body" and "Celeste" are more moody. Both songs reveal a little gothic touch in their composition. It brings an extra dimension to the album, which is quite diversified. The 3 last songs are remixes and 2 of them are quite well-done. The remix of Verklärte" by Cellmod is a cool and powerful version with some extra technoid elements on top. A similar technoid touch also comes back on the excellent remix of "Crime Body" by Suicidal Romance. No doubt about it, Ad Inferna is moving on the right path, working with the right people (like Vasi Vallis who did the mixing and mastering) and "DSM" will for sure bring this band a bit more into the spotlight.
Tor Cleenics:7

Radio Dunkle Welle

Dark Vision of Electronic


Neuwelt Music

Where are you and how are you? Congrats to your fantastic album release "DSM" :)
VVA : Hey Dani! All is ok. I’m having some relax at home and just learned that for the 7th week, our track “Der Ball der Verdammten” (from DSM album) is on the GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts) : necessarily, I'm very pleased ;-)

If friends should describe you in 5 words, what would they say and why?
Wooow, that’s hard to imagine but I think they’ll probably say: loyal cause I try to be like that as much as I can, hard-working cause when I’m doing something I give 100% of myself (as in Ad Inferna by example), touchy cause …. that’s the reality (lol), impatient (I always want to have the results of what I’m doing now eh eh), tormented & possessed sometimes…. I think people just have to read my words to realize it.

How important is music for you? Could you imagine a life without making music?
Music is surely the easier way to express myself…. especially in our dark styles of music. We don’t need to hide what we’ve inside of us. It’s so easy to reveal to others our own pain, suffering, frustrations with words, with notes. I stopped for many years to write and sing (for 7 years between 2001 and 2008) and I confess that I do not want to do it again: it's so exciting and fascinating to work on a new album ... I don’t think I could do without it again.

Can you tell us a bit about Ad Inferna...
Ah ah! Ok, Ad Inferna is born in 1996 and the first release of the band is called “L’Empire des Sens” out in 2002, first at Last Episode, and then in Silverdust : a piece of Dark metal with some Gothic elements. We decided to make a big break until 2008 cause we needed to step back.

We came back with:
- our second album Trance:N:dance (2008)
- The Heroine EP – Revisited Trance und Tanz (2009)
- our third DSM (2009) on Nilaihah Records, USA

The history of our band and line-up is really complex *laugh*. I prefer to tell you that the members behind Ad Inferna is VoA VoXyD (guitars, keys & electroniks, music) and me (lead & back vox, lyrics) : we finally found stability and it works perfectly!

DSM stands for...?
There can be different meanings : first of all, we wanted to find a word to summarize the state of mental illness that emerges from this album: DSM is for us as cursed, possessed ... and the state of possession is often characterized by symptoms of multiple personality disorder defined in DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual). That's why we chose the name DSM. But I’m sure you will find some other interesting words with these 3 letters ;-)

How long did it take to release the album?
Oh, so many months… specifically, one year ! First of all, we got to find a label and now, with the crisis of the disc, the labels are very hesitant to sign new productions. And secondly, we have chosen to work with a leader of the current electronic scene (Vasi Vallis – Frozen Plasma, Reaper, NamNamBulu) to produce this album: he worked more than six months to mix and mastered DSM. This explains why it took so long for this album to be released.

An Ad Inferna song: what's first? Melody or lyrics?
For the vast majority of the time, VOA creates the melodies, he sends them to me and after I begin writing the lyrics.

Which song is in your opinion the strongest on the album and why?
I may say 2 songs… the most powerful is definitely for me “Der Ball der Verdammten” but one of the most touching is by far “Celeste” : the end of this song always makes me vibrate, it's unbelievable.

Can you tell me a little bit about the lyrics... Why do you sing most songs in French?
These words are very personal that I can only write when I get to immerse myself in my own darkness. In DSM, I mostly choose French because it’s easier for me to express these feelings in my own language. But for the next album, I decided to write the most part of the words in English then our listeners will finally understand what I’m saying. *laugh* To those who want to get some of DSM & Trance:N:dance (in english & german), check out this section of our official website:

The reactions after releasing the album were all quite positive. Did you expect such fantastic feedback?
Honestly not ! Since the first premix of DSM, we knew we’ll be very proud of our work… but we thought this album was perhaps more complex, tortured, dark and disturbing than Trance:N:dance and therefore it might not be as easy to enjoy from the first listen : but we’re wrong cause because the feedbacks are excellent, the reviews all positive and the sales good. Hope everything continues like this!

Are you working already on new material?
Yes, we are. We’ve finished the record session of the music & voices parts of 9 tracks. Actually, VOA just begins to work on the first premix : we’ve decided to do the production by our own hands and VOA has built his own studio to give to the new Ad Inferna album exactly the atmosphere and the sounds we want!

Music videos are becoming more and more important today. What do you think about it? Can we expect an Ad Inferna video in nearer future?
For sure, this is one of our projects: but we want to do it perfectly and this kind of projects are very expensive! We hope to present our first real video for the next album (middle of 2011).

Where do you see the biggest challenges in music business?
The only challenge I have is to release a production where I never find any defect ;-) The business part, I let it to the label!

Neuweltmusic Soundcheck:

- the first record you've bought and when:
Aha - “Hunting High and Low” on vinyl (1985)

- the last record:
Frozen Plasma” “Monumentum”

What kind of music do you prefer:
- while cooking:
No music while cooking cause I like to focus what I'm doing.

- while driving:
Colony 5 “Lifeline”

- to relax:
“Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost” of Shpongle or “Rumble” of Boom Devil

- for party:
Astral Projection albums!

- during sex:
....... AD INFERNA ;-)

What are your future plans?
- Do the promotion of DSM as long as we can
- Release our new album in may 2011 with a European, Russian & Japanese license
- Making a video for our new floor killer song
- Becoming the masters of the universe? *laugh*

A few closing words to our readers...
Many thanks to you Dani and to those who took the time to read this interview. You should try the DSM experience ... you will never come back ;-)


Cyberangels (Netherlands)


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