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July 2003| Nilaihah Records | nr011

The Azoic re-emerge with this stunning CD single after their successful 'forward...' release. It features the addictive club hit "Conflict" with diverse remixes by Iris, Negative Format, Imperative Reaction, Massiv in Mensch, System Syn, and CombiChrist (Icon of Coil side project), plus an amazing multimedia video and photos! Styles ranging from dance to EBM to trance, powernoise and synth-pop. A must have!

Multimedia CD single 8 tracks + video
$8 USD

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CD Track Order and Sound Files
listen to MP3 files

01. Conflict - MP3
02. Conflict [Turmoil mix] - MP3
03. Conflict - CombiChrist remix - MP3
04. Conflict [Alpha Conspiracy mix] - Iris - MP3
05. Conflict - Massiv in Mensch remix - MP3
06. Conflict [Phaze mix] - Negative Format - MP3
07. Conflict [Mechanical Asphyxia mix] - System Syn - MP3
08. Conflict - Imperative Reaction remix - MP3

also included is an AutoRun (.exe) program that contains a multimedia video of 'Conflict' * ++, new press photos, lyrics, and more. Click here for screen shots from the video.

*Both Windows Media Player and Quicktime versions are on the CD. The AutoRun program is an .exe file that runs on all computers. WMP is a standard program found on PC's and Quicktime is an Apple program found on Macs and some PC's. This is not a DVD disc.

++To view video full screen in Wiindows Media Player (WMP), right click mouse over viewing screen and choose 'Full Screen'. In Quicktime, choose 'Double Size' under Movie.

Download Windows Media Player or Quicktime here.