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Fires on the Shore - EP 2010
Brutal Resonance()
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Grave Concerns Magazine
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Brutal Resonance

END: The DJ is foremost known for his DJ-sets as well as different remix works and compilation albums. This time he releases his own single with the track “Fires of the Shore” together with vocals from great names like Assemblage 23, Uberbyte, System Syn and Miss FD.

The song is dedicated to the major catastrophe of the oil spill from the oil platform Deepwater Horizon in the Mexican Gulf back in 2010. Even though it has escaped the news here in Europe, the problem is still very alive and has effected and still effects more people you can imagine. By buying this release, money will go to the Waterkeepers to save the Gulf. I really appreciate these kind of releases that takes on a bigger issue, and it’s nice to see that artists come together to create something for a greater cause.

Even though 44 minutes of the same track (6 versions) get a bit tedious to be honest, it’s a great track and some pretty cool remixes as well. END’s music sounds like a more techno influenced Assemblage 23 with great melodies. With great names doing the vocals, I was a bit afraid of that he would lay the burden on them to keep the track up, but he has created some hard pounding dance floor sounds with a almost 90’s sounding techno melody. It’s a big wave of dance addiction hitting you straight on your chin, sending you to complete darkness.

The God’s of awesome base lines, Northborne, does a great job with varying up the pounding bass from the original, creating something more drone like and floaty. This remix is easily the best one and together with the Stahlnebel & Black Selket remix, it does a much better job than trying to make it into either power noise or harsh EBM. Simply taking it too far with this track.

Make sure you buy this single at Nilaihah’s homepage, support the Waterkeepers and get one hell of a dance track while your at it!

--Patrik Lindström 27 Apr 2011

Regen Magazine

Another collection of gyrating electro/EBM from the top DJ in the scene, making for a thoroughly enjoyable and danceable mix. In the electro/industrial scene, DJs seem to be as revered as the artists they spin, and while some may see this as dubious at best when considering that a large number of them demonstrate virtually no musical ability beyond mixing and beat-matching, there are several that incorporate a degree of craftsmanship in their sets. End: The DJ is one such individual having in the last several years released the highly acclaimed The Chrome Elemental, becoming's Top Industrial DJ, and now a partner of Sebastian R. Komor's Xenomorph Productions, performing live with his Komor Kommando project.

With Endtrovert, End: The DJ continues his reign as the premier spinmeister in the electro/industrial music scene. From beginning to end, this album is a hard-hitting onslaught of EBM and modern industrial dance that is sure to keep your feet stomping and your fists waving, maintaining a constant four-on-the-floor thump that is guaranteed to please club-goers, although some tracks like Erektor's "Fear Generator" do off a bit of a break or shuffle to break the monotony.

Where Endtrovert really shines is in the selection of music, running the gamut from the caustic textures of such tracks as Uberbyte's "Almighty & Relentless," Stahlnebel & Black Selket's "Angels & Demons," and Centhron's "WK III" to the more melodic and almost trancelike ambience of Souless Affection's "Soul Collector" and "Subconscious Overdrive" by Ground to Dust, featuring a soaring female vocal lead that gives the track an almost rave feel.

The more melodic aspects of the set culminate in "Possession" by Angels on Acid as the band presents an infectious mix of psy-trance and terror EBM, making for perhaps the catchiest track on the album. Of course, with this club-oriented style so prevalent in the scene, Endtrovert hardly presents the listener with anything that will stand out as particularly groundbreaking, but that's obviously not the intention here; rather that End: The DJ would present us with an energetic and well produced DJ set that stands as proof of his excellence with his craft and deliver us to the dance floor. In that, it succeeds admirably. --Ilker Yücel, Regen Magazine

Reflections of Darkness
Breaking down boundaries in the Electronic music fields on dance floors while promoting the best independent artists is what motivates END to tour each year since 2006. END has opened for such artists as PANZER AG, ASSEMBLAGE 23, FGFC820, and THE CRÜXSHADOWS. He is a resident DJ at clubs in Ohio, North Carolina & Tennessee and he featured DJ at 2010's Kinetic Festival, which would most of the German readers. END: the DJ is known for his DJ sets in the harsh EBM, Rhythmic Noise, Hardstyle & Industrial Dance Genres. And this is in fact what this sampler sounds like. The nice combination of various artists and some well-done remixes offers compatible sounds for everyone who likes pushing beats and melodic synths. --Janine Szakacs, Reflection of Darkness