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December 20, 2004| Nilaihah Records | nr027

Yes, that's right...Nilaihah Records and A Different Drum have teamed up to releas a *free* promo CD in an effort to let music fans everywhere hear just how talented all of our artists are! So if you've always wanted to check out these label and the bands, this is your chance to hear 16 amazing songs! Hurry, these won't last!

To get your very own copy either:
1) ORDER any merchandise from the Nilaihah catalog and you'll get the promo for free
2) ORDER the promo CD for only $1 or send us $3 via PayPal.

out of stock!

It's *that* easy! But get yours before all of these limited CD's are gone! Contact us at for more information


CD Track Order
band - song - album - soundclip

01. Invisible Ballet - “Escaping Light” from the album ESCAPING LIGHT - MP3
02. Wave in Head - “Because of You” from the album FOR A SPECIAL MOMENT
03. XP8 - “Purity” from the album HRS:MIN:SEC - MP3
04. Ultraviolet - “Overcome” from the album A NEW DAY
05. Conetik - “Elektronova” from the album CARBON ELEKTRIQ v2.0 - MP3
06. The Dignity of Labour - “Liquid” from the album THE DIGNITY OF LABOUR
07. Null Device - “Unknowingly (Iris mix)” from the album LONDON [EP] - MP3
08. A Blue Ocean Dream - “People Unite” from the album ON THE ROAD TO WISDOM
09. Liquid Divine - “Lotus” from the album INTERFACE - MP3
10. Silica Gel - “Nada es Eterno” from the album GENESIS
11. Endanger - “Give Me a Reason” from the album ADDICTED TO THE MASSES - MP3
12. Capsize - “We are Wimps” from the album A PERFECT WRECK
13. The Azoic - “Going Under (Conetik mix)” from the upcoming album RE:ILLUMINATION
14. Leiahdorus - “Parallel Universe” from the album PARALLEL UNIVERSE
15. GASR - “Remember” from the album SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST - MP3
16. Neuroactive - “More Serotonin” from the album N-GIN